एक बार चार्ज करो 60 घंटे चलेगा बैटरी बस एक सेटिंग करलो ?

एक बार चार्ज करो 60 घंटे चलेगा बैटरी बस एक सेटिंग करलो ?

KillApps allows you to close all running applications rapidly by a basic touch! it saves battery power, opens up memory, and further develops execution.

This application works on your telephone’s presentation

By accelerating your telephone

By liberating the memory

By saving the battery

By cooling your telephone

Your telephone keeps numerous applications running behind the scenes, which is devouring your framework assets, and accordingly depleting your battery and lessening the accessible memory.


Close all running applications

Close foundation errands and administrations

Supports client applications and framework applications.


Close all applications running

This application can close all running applications and foundation measures.

Errand executioner

This application is an amazing Task Killer that kill assignments and cycles.

Speed supporter

This application allows you to accelerate your telephone when it runs gradually in view of the many foundation running applications.

Slam more clean

This application upgrades your telephone memory by opening up RAM, and accounting for new applications.

Battery saver

Shutting applications helps save battery control and expand battery life.

Central processor cooler

Shutting applications assists Cool with bringing down your telephone temperature and lessens CPU use.

Slack remover

Shutting applications assists eliminate with slacking in all applications.

Game supporter

Shutting applications assists speed with bringing down games and lift gaming execution.

Your protection is protected

This application doesn’t gather any information.

This application utilizes Accessibility administrations

This application is an incredible robotized answer for clients with actual handicaps and muscle weakness, who battle while connecting with the screen, particularly while doing tedious convoluted errands, for example, power shutting numerous applications individually.

This application mechanizes quite possibly the most rehashing task with the UI , the errand of “power shutting running applications” ! also, It does as such, by shutting all the applications, individually in a mechanized way, and consequently assists clients with actual handicaps and muscle weakness to keep away from to physically close each application in the framework settings.


This application requires the openness administration authorization to have the option to close other applications.

This application will actually want to recover the dynamic window content to discover the catch which powers shutting an application in the framework settings, then, at that point imitate a tick activity.

This application will actually want to notice the activities identified with the interface to direct the way toward computerizing the undertaking of shutting applications , by checking the progress between windows during the imitating of cooperation with the interface.

This application requires the consent to draw over the other applications to have the option to show the stand by screen while shutting applications.

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