फ़ोन चार्ज करते हो तो ये Setting करो फ़ोन देखकर सब जलने लगेंगे !!

फ़ोन चार्ज करते हो तो ये Setting करो फ़ोन देखकर सब जलने लगेंगे !!

Modify battery charging screen and charging liveliness cool illustrations.

Get appealing battery charging screens and genuine cool liveliness illustrations for better charging. Likewise this can be altered by your decision of text tones and foundations.

You can likewise set charging alert for your battery. The caution can wager set on full battery charge or your decision of rate. Likewise set alert for low battery. So you can charge you telephone and never run out of battery.

Principle Features:

Set Custom Battery Charging Animation:

Turn on charging movement to have liveliness play on screen.

Select from more than 20+ cool Charging movements. Adjust its size according to you may like on screen.

Adjust haziness, set pivot and change position of movement on the screen.

Customize Battery Charging Screen:

Set help on to run redid charging movement screen while you charge the telephone.

Select topic of charging screen.

Customize the topics with your decision of text style tones and foundations.

Also you may add your own photograph from display.

Battery Alarm:

Set caution for full battery charge.

Or set caution for a specific level of battery charge.

Also set caution for low battery accuse of your decision of battery rate.

This assist you with always failing to run out of battery.

Adjust alert tones of your decision.

A total battery charging screen and battery activity application that will help you give another look of charging screen while you charge you telephone.

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