एक बार चार्ज करो 60 घंटे चलेगा बैटरी बस एक सेटिंग करलो !

एक बार चार्ज करो 60 घंटे चलेगा बैटरी बस एक सेटिंग करलो !

Fast Optimization is the simplest method to ration your gadget’s battery life. You can utilize it’s anything but a day to help save battery power, particularly in the event that you utilize your telephone oftentimes or have no simple method to re-energize it.

Super Optimization

Applications that spat the foundation can burn-through battery life in any event, when you’re not utilizing them. Super Optimization closes applications that are behind the scenes and prevents them from depleting valuable battery power. The most awesome thing? It gives you the control and adaptability to effectively pick which applications you need to keep open and which ones you need to kill.

Battery Cooler

Battery Cooler assists with keeping your telephone cool by bringing down the temperature of your battery and hence easing back power utilization. Not exclusively will you save battery life, yet you will likewise ensure your CPU and other telephone parts from possible harm.

Lockscreen Charge Monitor

With Lockscreen Charge Monitor, you can watch out for your telephone’s battery life, get informed progressively when your battery is completely energized, and forestall cheating, all from your telephone’s lock screen. Custom settings, for example, getting warnings on your lock screen and setting the screen awaken period can likewise be designed to suit your individual necessities.

Customizable Profiles

Browse among four customized battery saver profiles to make a custom encounter made only for you:

Emergency profile: naturally enacts when battery comes to 10% of charge remaining.

Location profile: streamlines battery utilization relying upon your area, regardless of whether you’re at home or work.

Peak Times profile: empowers you to consequently change to battery saving mode during set hours of the day.

Prolong profile: one all the more method to arrange one of a kind settings to protect power

Inside each profile setting, you can change highlights, for example, screen brilliance, screen break, vibrate, contact criticism, and Bluetooth to benefit from your telephone battery.

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