1.5 GB Data Chalega Pure 1 Din unlimited ?

1.5 GB Data Chalega Pure 1 Din unlimited ?

This application just sets up a nearby VPN interface to have the option to hinder the organization traffic of applications without root. What’s more, it doesn’t demand the perilous authorizations like Location, Contacts, SMS, Storage,… In this way, you can believe that it doesn’t interface with a distant worker to take your protection information. If it’s not too much trouble, have a sense of security to utilize!

Because this application depends on VPN structure of Android OS, so whenever turned it on you can’t utilize another VPN application simultaneously and it might deplete the battery.

Some IM applications (Instant Messaging applications, like Skype) may utilize Google Play administrations to get the approaching messages if the application has no organization. So you may likewise have to obstruct “Google Play administrations” to hinder getting messages for IM applications.

Battery Optimization highlight of Android OS may auto detach VPN applications in the rest mode to save battery. So you may have to add Net Blocker application to whitelist of the battery advancement to keep it working.

This application can’t impede Dual Messenger applications on the grounds that Dual Messenger is an element of Samsung gadgets in particular and it doesn’t uphold VPN completely.

Why wouldn’t i be able to squeeze “Alright” catch of the discourse?

This issue might be brought about by utilizing an application that can overlay other applications, for example, blue light channel applications. Those applications may overlay the VPN discourse, so that can’t squeeze “Alright” button. This is a bug of Android OS which should be fixed by Google through an OS update. So if your gadget hasn’t fixed at this point, you may have to kill the light channel applications and attempt once more.

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