Battery Turbo | Charge Optimizer ( FAST CHARGING APP )

Battery Turbo | Charge Optimizer ( FAST CHARGING APP )

Battery Turbo Charger is the ideal application in the event that you need to diminish the sitting tight an ideal opportunity for Battery Charging cause upgrade settings like splendor, bluetooth, sync capacities in addition to other things naturally to get a quick charger.

Permits three charging modes which advance your telephone settings for a superior battery charge, which are answerable for overseeing settings and late applications and cycles that are excessive when you charge your battery.

Charge Modes are:

– Extreme Mode: Optimize battery charge overseeing late applications, and settings like brilliance screen, bluetooth, sync capacities and different things.

– Fast Mode : Optimize battery charge overseeing just late applications

– Slow mode: This mode will enhance the charge overseeing just telephone settings (bluetooth, brilliance, sync among others capacities)

The modes are dependent upon the utilization of Smartphone, you ought not utilize your telephone for a superior battery charge.

It likewise has settings to inform you when your telephone is completely energized , when is associated with USB or AC.

Battery Turbo Charger is a completely computerized application, which to stop or unplug the telephone, quit working and every one of the administrations will be reestablished to your accommodation.

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