किसी भी मोबाइल का RAM कैसे बढ़ाये ? HOW TO INCREASE RAM ? | By Hindi Tutorials

RAM Booster (Memory Cleaner)

Smash sponsor is an exceptionally strong promoter for your telephone’s slam. You can likewise screen stockpiling and slam data simultaneously, clean the memory and lift your telephone. Slam sponsor gives numerous sorts of apparatuses. counting: slam sponsor gadget, computer chip gadget, battery gadget. The work area drifting window can show smash use percent central processor temperature and battery temperature, you can screen the slam, computer chip and battery data exceptionally helpful. Slam sponsor support overheat caution. The detail highlights including:

Slam sponsor and memory more clean
Clean the slam and lift your telephone, and you can set the overlook list dependent on your very own requirements.

Temperature Over Heat Alarm
Smash sponsor will trigger a caution when central processor’s or alternately battery’s temperature is overheat, you can pick open or close the over heat alert as your like.

Drifting Window
Drifting window show the computer chip temperature, battery temperature, slam use constant.

Smash Booster Widget
Support smash promoter gadget, central processor temperature gadget and battery temperature gadget.

Dull Mode
You can pick the dull topic or light topic as you like. The two modes are extremely lovely.

Custom subject tones
Slam sponsor has five unique tones for subject. You can pick the style you like.

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