Enable iPhone Camera in any Android Phone ! Camera iphone 12 – OS14 Camera

Camera iphone 12 – OS14 Camera

Camera for phone 12 Pro Max is a camera app with stunning camera effects that easily take high-quality photos.

Camera 12 Pro Max helps you to take good pictures efficiently and quickly. OS14 Camera HD has taken advantage of all your phone advantages and improved OS14 Camera HD Pro Max with the best professional die degrees!

Main function:
– HD photo, high quality video recording, video recording, food & panorama shooting
– Mute silent capture sounds
– Nice and fast shooting
– Reduce shake and increase image and video quality
– Countdown timer and continuous shooting
– Professional and HDr photography mode
– Light balance mode setting
– Pinch to zoom in
– Custom image size, support 4k capture

Download Camera for phone 12 – OS14 Camera HD app with shutter speed, continuous shutter, zoom and anti-blur functions and you can even take pictures with silent shutter sound.

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