अब Battery और Internet दोनों खत्म होने का नाम भी नहीं लेंगे | Save internet + Battery

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall

Application and area can independently be permitted or denied admittance to your Wi-Fi or potentially versatile information.

Obstructing admittance to the web can help:

decrease your information use
save your battery
increment your protection
Assume Responsibility for Your Mobile Apps
Effectively Allow/Block App Connectivity
Block foundation application action
Be Alerted When New Apps Access the Internet
Block Adult Websites


Easy to utilize
Android firewall assurance with **NO** ROOT REQUIRED!!
No calling home
No following or investigation
Effectively created and upheld
Android 5.1 and later upheld
IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP upheld
Tying upheld
Different gadget clients upheld
Alternatively permit when screen on
Alternatively block while meandering
Alternatively block framework applications
Programmed send off of gadget startup
Consequently distinguishes applications as of now introduced on your cell phone
Distinguishes and Notifies when recently introduced applications access the Web
Set Allow/Block, on a for every application premise
Cripple foundation movement for chose applications
Get full information use perceivability
Material plan subject with light and dull topic
Log all friendly traffic; search and channel access endeavors; send out PCAP documents to break   down traffic
Permit/block individual locations per application
New application notices; design InternetGuard straightforwardly from the notice
Show network speed chart in a status bar warning
Select from five extra subjects in both light and dim form

There could be no other no-root firewall offering this multitude of elements.
For what reason does InternetGuard top the information use outline?
It’s a deception. InternetGuard utilizes your gadget’s VPN bundle to make a firewall. As each datum parcel sent or got by your applications goes through the VPN, every one of the approaching and active information traffic gets credited to InternetGuard.

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